Accepted Students


You're a Wildcat. Feel proud - you deserve it! As an accepted student, you have a remarkable opportunity: UNH is a vibrant community of talented, hard-working, high-energy and creative students who hail from across the U.S. and dozens of countries. They choose UNH for the excellence of our academic programs and faculty, our beautiful and convenient Seacoast location and the success of our graduates. We look forward to seeing you on campus!

Share the News!

Let people know you’re in and connect with UNH and other admitted students by using #UNH19 and #New2UNH.

Join the UNH Class of 2019 Facebook Group. This is a great resource and place to meet future classmates, ask questions and get to know UNH, even if you are undecided. 

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Send Your Selfie!

Don't forget to celebrate and share the news. Your selfie toolkit is the back of the card you received in the mail. Tweet or Instagram your selfie to #New2UNH!

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