Evaluation of Transfer Credit

A summary of how your current and/or previous college coursework transferred to UNH can be found online at your MyUNH account.

1) Log-on to MyUNH (if you have not yet set-up a MyUNH account click here for instructions).

  • Select the “Webcat/Services” tab and click “Continue” to access Webcat
  • Select “Student Services & Financial Aid”
  • Select “Student Records"
  • Select “Academic Transcript”

Note that courses currently in progress are listed with “IP” as the grade. Transfer of these courses is provisional pending receipt of an official transcript showing your final grades.

3) Revisions to your credit evaluation will be made on your UNH transcript and can be viewed from your MyUNH account.

4) Class Standing (SH = semester hours):

  • 0-25 SH -- Freshman
  • 26-57 SH -- Sophomore
  • 58-89 SH -- Junior
  • 90+ SH -- Senior

Click here for an explanation of the University Academic Requirements and Discovery Program