How Do I Enroll & Register for Courses?

For transfer students admitted for the Spring 2015 semester:

Click here to view the Information for Transfer Students Entering in Spring 2015.pdf which was also enclosed with your admission packet.

For transfer students admitted for the Fall 2015 semester:

A deposit is required to secure your enrollment at UNH.

Using the blue envelope you received with your acceptance letter, mail the top portion of your deposit bill and a $350 check with your name and student ID number written clearly at the top. If you have misplaced the blue envelope please mail to: University of New Hampshire, Business Services, Stoke Hall, 11 Garrison Avenue, Durham, NH 03824-3511. Payment is due by May 1 (Postmark), or the date indicated on your bill.

How Do I Register for Courses?

 Your transfer course evaluation, course registration, tuition billing and financial aid awards are now all on-line at MyUNH. If you have not yet set-up a MyUNH account click here for instructions.

For transfer students admitted for the Spring 2015 semester: Registration for new students will begin in December, after currently enrolled students have registered. In November, you will be able to view the Spring Course Schedule and Registration Info at MyUNH under the Tools menu. Please call in December to schedule an appointment with the initial contact for your program/major.

For transfer students admitted for the Fall 2015 semester:

Each college division offers academic advising sessions for new transfer students admitted for the fall semester during the month of June. Once you have paid the $350 enrollment deposit, you will receive information on the dates and times of these advising sessions. Register for advising sessions and sign up for June Transfer Orientation.

If you have been accepted after June Orientation you should follow up directly with the appropriate advising contact to discuss course registration for the upcoming semester. Click here for the Advising Initial Contact List.

Admission Status/Final Transcript

 If you are currently enrolled in coursework, your admission is provisional pending satisfactory completion of your coursework. It is your responsibility to have your final transcript sent to the Admissions Office.

Your admission may be suspended if we do not receive your final transcript, or if your achievement falls below a satisfactory level. If you are enrolled in coursework through UNH Continuing Education, the Thompson School of Applied Science, or UNH at Manchester, the Admissions Office will obtain your final transcript from our Registrar’s Office.


Tuition/Billing Procedures

UNH bills students electronically through MyUNH. Go to

the Webcat/Services tab and click “Continue” then “Account Summary & Bill”

to review your bill.

For more information and a detailed breakdown of tuition & fees and room

& board please visit Business Services

Please be aware that there is a differential tuition charge in our business

school and in some programs in engineering. There are also individual course

fees in some classes. You will also pay a one-time $350 administrative fee for

student services. Visit the Business Services website for

more information.

Students may set up Authorized Payer accounts for parents or others who are

responsible for paying the tuition bill, please follow the instructions on



Financial Aid

 To apply for financial aid students must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

If you have applied for financial aid, you may access your financial aid information from MyUNH. Go to the Webcat/Services tab and click “Continue”, then select “Student Services & Financial Aid” then select “Financial Aid”. This site will provide valuable information about the status of your financial aid application and, when all requirements are met, your actual financial aid package.


Student Health Insurance

 The University of New Hampshire requires all full-time degree students to have adequate health insurance as a condition of enrollment. Proof of insurance is required at the beginning of every academic year. Students have the option of waiving the requirement if proof of adequate insurance through another plan is provided; or alternatively they can acquire affordable health coverage under a plan sponsored by the University and administered by Health Plans, Inc., a subsidiary of Harvard Pilgrim Health Care.

As part of this requirement, all full-time degree students must take some action- by either enrolling in the UNH Student Health Benefits Plan (SHBP), or requesting a waiver. Students may learn more about the SHBP or fill out an online waiver by June 30, 2011 at

Note: Late payment penalties my be charged if plan is not waived and/or paid by tuition due deadline.